Our roots lie in the medical device market

Ultra-Soft PVC Medical Tubing
for Cuff/Bladder Tubes, Drains & Pump Segments

We manufacture Ultra-Soft PVC Medical Tubing which is:

  • Used in blood and infusion bags due to its smooth surface, tube flexibility and low crimping qualities which provide excellent fluid flow capabilities.
  • Used in blood pressure cuffs because of bendability and resistance to kinking allowing for even airflow and greater accuracy.
  • Used in pump segment applications for flexibility, maintaining its original shape, and in certain applications, a thickened wall is designed in order to help minimize kink-ability.
Tapered Tubing

EXALT offers:

  • Traditional USP Class VI Medical Grades
  • DEHP-Free & Phthalate-Free Formulations
  • Latex-Free & Non-Silicone
  • ETO & Gamma Compatible
  • Colored, Tinted, Frosted
  • Cut to Length/Neat Packed

Sizes: ID’s & OD’s from .010-.750", Lengths from .250"

Materials: Durometers from Ultra Soft 40A to Semi-Rigid 98 Shore A
PVC Resins from Mexichem Specialty Compounds (AlphaGary), Colorite Plastics, PolyOne & Teknor Apex

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*It is the customer, or device manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that any given tubing is suitable for its intended application. No warranties are given; All implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purposes are expressly excluded.